Hidden Gem: HoMa

Looking for that hidden gem, but not sure where to look first? Curious to know where’s the best places to buy in Montreal today? My clients are always looking for the new Montreal hot spots which offer a great quality of life, amenities and excellent re-sale value. Today, I will share with you the first part of my 4 part series on Montreal’s hottest up and coming neighborhoods!

PART 1: Hochelaga-Maisonneuve (….AKA: HoMa):

HoMa is a super cool part of town. I’m thinking it’s the next St. Henri, maybe even better.. Beautiful, close to downtown, family friendly,  amazingly inexpensive properties, and epic lofts.. what more could you ask for?

HoMa was once a blue collared, industrial neighborhood.. Today, HoMa is gentrifying quickly. Home to the Olympic & Saputo Stadium, Insectarium (for all you insect lovers), completely renovated (and awesome)  PlanetariumBiodôme and so much more!


It’s only a 10 minute drive to downtown, and has 4 metro stops on the Green line (Station Viau, Pie-IX, Joliette, Préfontaine and Frontenac), plus great bus access (97 Mount-Royal West to get to the Plateau and 125 Ontario goes straight downtown).

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The architecture in HoMa is fantastic, and in my opinion, some of the best in the city! Home to awesome red brick buildings, gorgeous historic churches, and lots of tree lined streets, it’s easy to see why this neighbourhood is a hidden gem!

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Home to some terrific restaurants and really fun shops. Check out La Mâle Bouffe for awesome sandwiches, État-Major for a chic BYOW, and  Les Gourmandises de Marie-Antoinette for decadent pastries. Not to be outdone by Little Italy and St. Henri, HoMa has an amazing public market, Marché Maisonneuve on Ontario Street. Fresh food, amazing restaurants, cool cafés will have you saying St.Huh?

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Unlike Old Montreal which offers tours via horse and carriage, HoMa has tricycle tours via  Vélopousse a much more ethical way to see a historic section of our city.

In terms of where to live, anything near Place Simon-Valois is beautiful, the government and local developers just put $2MM to redevelop the neighbourhood. Close to metro Joliette & Pie-IX is both safe and convenient, lined with new shops, cafes and grocery stores. Anything above Ontario St. and Davidson tends to be nice, calm and more family oriented. Stay away from the train tracks near Rue Moureau, and close to the Village.

HoMa has some awesome, converted lofts. It’s easy to find more than 700 sqft with a parking spot in a beautiful (converted) building for under 250k. Not to mention some amazingly unique lofts with over 1000sqft…. Check out some of my TOP faves here

HoMa is also super safe; With crimes rates lower than St. Henri and on par with Old Montreal, it’s hard to believe that this family neighbourhood isn’t more popular! Today, most residents of HoMa are young couples and young families.


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