Antique Chic: La Petite-Patrie

After exploring HoMa, I’m sure you’re wondering what other hidden gems Montreal has to offer! In my second part of my four part series on Montreal’s up and coming neighborhoods, I want to introduce to you…La Petite-Patrie.

Located in between the Plateau and Villeray, La Petite-Patrie is home to Little Italy and the Mile-Ex. It’s a gorgeous, antique neighborhood with tons of charm and cachet. No matter where you work, you’ve got the best of both worlds! Only 15 minutes by car to downtown and Laval, and close to all major arteries for your convenience. Seriously though, who would want to leave such beautiful shops, amazing restaurants, and of course the Jean-Talon Market?! A family neighborhood, with both English and French schools… perfect for all shapes and sizes 🙂


La Petite-Patrie is so antique-chic. I am totally in love with the old town houses, converted churches, lots of parks and green spaces… SUPER romantic to walk around in the summer. For all you single guys out there looking for creative spots to take your dates… LISTEN UP!!

I will never forget when my (now) boyfriend took me out on one of our first dates to have a “picnic” … I didn’t know what to expect, (I honestly thought he was totally insane… a picnic really??) and for all of you who know me I am really NOT the Queen of nature. I showed up, and there lying on the floor was an epic spread of the BEST dishes from Triple Crown Dinette. I didn’t care that there were ants crawling up my dress as I was too busy stuffing my face with the BEST fried chicken out there, this was by far one of the BEST dates I had ever been on!! … Bottom line: Guys, in the summertime… take your ladies here!!!

 DEA13 0604 Picnic 5600

As for some other hot spots in the area.. We all know that Little Italy is home to some of Montreal’s best and most iconic Italian restaurants, like Pizzeria Napoletana. La Petite-Patrie is also home to some of Montreal hottest bars and restaurants like Montreal Plaza, Montreal’s best new restaurant of 2015! Grab some market cuisine at la Récolte or enjoy craft beers and amazing pub food at Vice et Versa. Finish off with Montreal’s best Italian bakery La Cornetteria, cannoli, zeppole, cookies, cakes, cronetto, totally #droolworthy


Not to be outdone by the Plateau, La Petite-Patrie is home to many amazing Montreal coffee shops, and in my opinion, better ones than the Plateau. I LOVE Union Cafe, one of Montreal’s oldest coffee roasters, but also new third wave coffee shops like Moustache café, 8oz, Café Fixe, and Capellini Beaubien. Even St. Henri Roasters have moved to La Petite-Patrie!

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Jean-Talon market is by far Montreal’s best public market. Aside from the amazing fresh fruits and vegetables, it’s home to some of Montreal’s most incredible gourmet food shops. Looking for fresh Buratta or Fontina cheese? Stop by at Fromagerie Qui Lait Cru. Grab savory organics meats from Boucheries et Fermes Sainte-Vincent, a 35 year old family run business. Promise me you won’t forget about dessert! …Try my favorite chocolates from artisanal chocolate factory Chocolats Privilège.

jean talon backgrounder pic

Getting around in La Petite-Patrie is easy. You have excellent metro access with both Blue and Orange lines (Du Castelnau, Jean-Talon and Rosemont), great bus routes which take you directly into the city. Dedicated cycling lanes, and large sidewalks for the summer. La Petite-Patrie is great with a car. Plentiful street parking, a few minutes away from the highway 40, Papineau and St. Laurent, it’s one of the few boroughs where owning a car is actually manageable. As a bonus, La Petite-Patrie will be completely unaffected by the reconstruction of the Turcot Interchange and Ville-Marie Expressway, better known as ‘Carmageddon’

All things aside, for you investors out there… I think this under rated area is the next best thing! Property prices are almost 20% less than le Plateau, look out for awesome plex’s with good revenue or interesting flip opportunities. Don’t be a stranger… call me today to find out how to maximize your investment!